Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short but Hopefully Sweet

A few weeks ago I contacted Christy over at KB Shimmer about a potential custom for an amazing friend of mine whose husband is hopefully returning very shortly from being underway on his submarine, the USS Florida. Shes had a really rough few months without him, and got her family's official orders to Japan next year on top of everything else. I wanted to do something special for her husbands homecoming, as she's been putting a lot of effort into clothes and shoes etc. Shes a fellow nail junkie some of you might know by the name of 'E', she's half of Mani Curiously!

We got to talking a few months ago when I lost my job, and she gave me a few very kind tips for making it through a crappy time in my life, and a friendship blossomed. Now, I'm calling her constantly when I have hornets in my house and to see if she wants anything from my trip to Sally's, she calls me when she's just up to her eyeballs in military/kid/life stress and we play Minecraft. Constantly. So, because of everything she's done for me, I figured a custom polish celebrating her husband FINALLY coming home would be in order.

A few back and forths between the amazing Christy and myself produced a theme, a name, and in a few short days, swatches and bottle shots of what she had come up with.

 Anyone that follows me on Facebook hopefully saw this picture I posted Saturday night:

These are the bottle shots Christy sent me, along with some on the nail swatches of each color. #1 (Far left) was a semi-opaque light blue jelly with red, white and blue hexes, gold stars, and gold small hexes. #3 (Far right) was a sheer navy jelly with red, white and blue squares, red shimmer, small gold hexes and squares and smaller gold hexes. #2, was a mixture of both.

I knew what I had in my head, and #3 was it, exactly. I asked if she could throw some gold stars into it, and we'd have ourselves a polish. She obliged and invoiced me, I paid, and she sent them out through some sort of light-speed shipping service because they made it in like 2 days.

I don't have much right now, because just as I picked up my camera (Useless Olympus Stylus 1010) to take swatches, the battery died. I think it's time for a new one. Until I get back home on friday (house sitting right now) these are the only swatches I could manage with my boyfriends cell phone.

I know, I know, it's really really crappy. I promise to update this post with better pictures as soon as humanly possible. I thought that my battery, on a full charge, would last more than two days, having taken like 12 pictures...my bad, Olympus!

The above picture is, from left to right:
One coat of *MYSTERY POLISH* over one coat of Revlon Royal
Two coats of *MYSTERY POLISH* over two coats of Essie Blanc
Two thick coats of *MYSTERY POLISH* on a bare nail
and One coat of *MYSTERY POLISH* over two coats of Essie Blanc

I can't reveal the name, because in E's last few weeks of miserable-ness, I've told her almost everything about the polish, except it's name. To me, that's going to be the biggest surprise of all, so when she get's her package, I'll update this post again with the name, and that update will include....


I'd ordered three full size and one mini of this polish, my intention was one for me, one for E, and one full size for the giveaway winner. The mini would go to a friend of the winner's choosing. Imagine my shock when I opened my package last night and saw she'd given me FIVE full size and TWO minis!

I still don't know what I'm going to do with the extra full size and mini (One full is for the giveaway here, and one is exclusively for a giveaway in a group I'm in on facebook, a group of gals who has provided me with astonishing support through some personal problems the last few weeks, and who graciously laughs at the dozens of stupid cat pictures I post, and puts up with my weird requests, like trading polish for Tamagotchis.

If anyone has any creative ideas for the last two polishes, feel free to let me know!

Also, I apologize again for the dismal swatches....that is so not how I planned this whole thing to go...


  1. SO PRETTY!!! LOVE it :D Thanks lady, *tears up* big hugs!!!! xo E