Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's a me, Mario!

Here it is! I've waited so long for this polish, I was profoundly happy when I was finally able to score it. Here she is, in all her glittery nerdy glory:

Dollish Polishes second series of labels, as far as I know. 
She just showed us a preview of her new new labels, so these will be phased out.

Backside closeup of the bottle. Depending on your screen the colors may vary, but the glitters are a true red and a true blue, two sizes of hexes suspended in a clear base with....

HOLO STARS! I'm pretty sure this is what dolly was aiming for when she chose it, but silver holo is perfect for a mario polish, you'll see why a few pictures down.

All of the swatches are two coats of Essie Sand Tropez, one coat of Essie Golden Nuggets (I was thinking coins!) and one coat of Mario topped with a generous coat of Grand Central Station (My new go to quick dry) I am so stupidly in love with this glitter. 

It's a simple combo, but being an 80's kid whose first video games were Mario and Zelda on the NES, this hits me right in the nostalgia. Coverage was perfect, I had to move and wiggle glitters around a little, mostly around the edges. The points of the stars were perfectly smoothed after just one coat of top coat, you may have more issues if your nails are extremely curved.

Now for why I love the little nod to the actual game, whether it was on purpose or not. The STARS! Remember Mario's star power? 

When he would catch a star, and then flash all kinds of crazy colors? Yep...that's what the holo is for.

Yes...I sat there and twirled and swirled and watched the colors flash. It's that fascinating.

There you have it, Dollish Polishes 'It's a me, Mario!'

Up next will be the Zelda duo!


  1. Very nice!! What base color did you use?

    1. Nevermind...saw that they were Essie' Love it!!