Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Indie Series Part I: Candeo Colors

I've decided to run through all of my indies in their entirety, by brand. Just because someone requested it by name, Candeo Colors was first.

Luckily, I got to Candeo, and their fabulous polishes before they blew up, so I had an easy time of getting all of what I wanted. I even managed to get Dolce, but gave it to a friend. (Though I sort of wish I hadn't, its so pretty and now I can't seem to snag another, haha!) Today I have for you Swoop, Plumage, Sprouse, Divebomb and a few older swatches of Orchid. Let's get to it!

I've had my first casualty...

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled shenanigans and swatches for some unfortunate news. I don't know when it happened, or...rather how. This bottle was on the second shelf of my polish wall, a good six feet up, so it couldn't have been a cat. But...I found her this morning, with a broken neck, innards spilled everywhere. I wasn't able to salvage anything, as it had dripped down into my stash box and completely dried. The bottle snapped neatly at the neck, in fact it was still screwed into the cap. Time to beat the bum-rush during Melinda's next restock and hopefully get a replacement.

Rest in Peace
March 22, 2012 - May 30, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Super Random Hockey Inspired Giveaway Time!

This giveaway was born from hockey, therefore, 5 out of the potential first 10 entries are earned with a MANDATORY blog comment on why you love the New Jersey Devils, or why you're wrong! (All in good fun ladies!) US and CANADA only for the time being. (I can't leave out ladies from the motherland!)

Let's Go Devils! Bring home that cup boys!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012's time for a giveaway!

Big huge oversight on my part: AS OF RIGHT NOW, THIS GIVEAWAY IS UNITED STATES ONLY! I am so sorry I left out this glaring detail. I am between jobs right now, and have really limited 'extra' funds. Please let me know if you already entered and are located outside the US. You can comment, or email me at I am so sorry I forgot about this.

Thanks to the magical awesomeness of word of mouth and friendly people liking on their own accord, I've gotten over 100 likes on Facebook and over 50 followers on the blog! As promised, here's the giveaways.

I'm sorry if the prizes are common polishes (I know Rainbow in the Sky-lie is common, but the other's I haven't seen swatched a lot!) but I am buying my own polishes, this includes giveaways. I hope everyone is happy with my first selections, and rest assured I have something FABULOUS in the works for a later giveaway. There will be TWO winners, and each will receive TWO polishes and probably some goodies!

Before the widget, I would like to say I hope everyone isn't 'liking' and following the blog just for giveaways. I really am trying to be a serious blogger here, with something to add to the community. I don't have the prettiest, longest most immaculate nails (Trace Face, I'm looking at you and your perfect nails!) and my cuticles are always awful and I don't post every day, but I have such a passion for this, and I am doing my very best! I support our indie sellers, and try to stockpile the karma bank by helping out fellow Glitter Junkies whenever I can.

Thank you all so much for coming with me this far, I hope I don't let you all down with another mundane nail blog. Good luck to all of you with the giveaway!

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EDIT: Please note, leaving a comment is now OPTIONAL, but if you submit those entires, please actually leave a comment. I will be cross checking and removing entries that don't have a correlating comment. I don't want to be a stickler, but if you're banking entries, stick with the rules. I want this to be fair for everyone! Thanks guys :)

EDIT II: Here's some swatches! I'm having a movie marathon with my mom (Showing her Iron Man for the first time!) so it's quick and dirty all at once, but it's better than nothing. All swatches are naked nail, no base coat, no top coat.

This is one medium coat of 'A Million Sparkles' Sky blue bar and small hex glitters, gold hexes and thicker pink holo bar glitters. I LOVE BAR GLITTER!

Two medium coats of 'Rainbow in the Sky-lie', a veritable rainbow of small hexes, and a smattering of larger ones, in a crystal clear base. I absolutely love this glitter.

One medium coat of 'Fabulous is my Middle Name'. Red, pink, gold, and dark blue fine string glitter suspended in clear base with silver micro-hexes. I searched high and low for this, and bought the very last one I've seen for months, until today when I snagged the one for the giveaway!

Each of the giveaway polishes, from L to R: A Million Sparkles, Fabulous is my Middle Name, and Rainbow in the Sky-lie.

 For comparison to Rainbow in the Skylie (above) shown here on the  is two medium coats of Confetti Nail Polish's 'Tasmanian Devil' (AWFUL picture, I didn't realize how blurry it was until I uploaded everything) same color scheme as Rainbow in the sky-lie, except with micro AB glitters, and square glitters. On the right is one medium coat of Milani Gems v.1, this and Rainbow in the Sky-lie are very very close, but the size of the glitters definitely are not the same.

On the left is Gems, on the right is Rainbow in the Sky-lie. The color schemes are similar, Gems just has larger glitter.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches! Pardon the slathering of Lansinoh on my cuticles, I had to do something about them...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And now, a fun little something from The Holographic Hussy

I have a Facebook friend, Claudia who posts AMAZING swatches like, every single day. She is the only person whose Facebook I go out of my way to visit every evening to catch up on what she's swatched. The polish goddesses blessed her, and she's finally using her talent for the greater good (so we can all look at her nail porn) and she started a blog!

The other day I was sort of down, and was staring at my bottle of Lynnderella 'Shape Shifter'. There were so many colors and shapes and crazy awesomeness that if you stared too long, your eyes would cross.

Just look at it....

Anywho! I had this bottle of heavenly glitter, and my brain just grinded to a halt. What the heck do I do with it? Over black? Over holo? (a la that amazing picture on Llarowe's website from Sparkly Vernis) Over a bright color? Matte? Gradient, light coating or full coverage? Sometimes, you just can't be bothered to think that much, or sometimes much like a malfunctioning boomerang, it just isn't coming to you.

This is where Claudia comes in.

I sent her a Facebook message, telling her I was feeling crummy, and I needed some inspiration from her fabulous fingers. She wrote me back saying she'd come up with something to blow my mind, and I didn't doubt her at all.


Super awesome Lynn glitter gradient over Illamasqua Stance.

Head over to her blog to see the full post, follow her and send her some love. She has more followers than me right now, so I'm sure none of you need to be told, but if you haven't seen her blog yet, you'll soon be addicted to her swatches just like I am!

I'm off to do one last scrub to The Kitchen Sink (haha...get it?) and I'll be putting up some swatches! I just wanted to give you something to oogle in the meantime.

We are 3 2! blog followers, and 6 Facebook followers away from TWO giveaways! Tell your friends!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holy @#$! I FIXED IT!!!!!

Remember THIS?!

BLECH! Keep in mind, this was darker than the picture leads on. 
Without a flash you could barely see the color of most of the glitter.

This was one of my Lacquistry customs, The Kitchen Sink. When she sent me swatches, it looked like this:

 Pretty! Colorful! Awesome!

When I received it, my heart dropped, and she promised to fix it right away. I wasn't expecting her to because it wasn't completely unusable, but she said since she'd used some tester glitters, she'd make me a new one.

As a few of you may know because you ordered some, Jenna recently spent her time filling orders for customs. She's posted beautiful pictures of what she's made for people, including my new one 'Blue Morpho'. I waited patiently for swatches of my new Kitchen Sink, but I think I'm content to wait till it comes in the mail.

So ANYWAYS! Tonight, I was in the middle of reorganizing my stash wall (for like the third night), and I came to my purple grapey bottle of Kitchen Sink. I was so depressed that Jenna spent the time making it, and it was all for naught. There had to be something I could do....right?

I got to work with *GASP* acetone and polish thinner. After 2 hours of tirelessly shaking, dumping, rinsing. I finally did it.

I cleaned the entire bottle of glitter.

I gingerly scraped it all from the empty polish thinner bottle I used to shake shake shake all the grapey base away. 

This is about 1/6 of the glitter that was left at the 
bottom of the thinner bottle. SO much glitter!!

I even scraped some off my vanity:

This is uglier than it really was. You can barely see the bazillions of colors 
she used, it's all icky and stuck together.

I also found this completely ridiculous glitter:

 How on earth would I ever get that on a brush?! LOL!

Anyways...after that whole two hours of work...this is what we've got. It's not perfect, the base is still a little mucky but I can use it! I am absolutely stunned that using pure acetone didn't curl or bleach the glitters in any way, I'm just left with more silver glitters than her test swatch because those were probably what bled in the first place.

Jenna, this is for you darling! Your work wasn't for nothing!

 YAY! It's clean and colorful and pretty again!

I'll get some better swatches of this in the morning. I plan on letting the bottle sit overnight, siphoning off the icky brownish base that I couldn't completely rinse away, and replacing it with crystal clean base. I am beyond excited right now. 

Goodnight everyone, thanks for reading!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Andddd we're back!

Sorry for the weird hiatus. I've taken a crap-ton of pictures, and after multiple excuses not to post, I had a life altering event yesterday. It's not been a good 24 hours, thank god I'm an adult and have access to hard liquor to soothe me (responsibly, of course) 

Instead of a normal post, I hope to satisfy with a random smattering and light commentary of the swatches I've done over the last few weeks.

I know at least someone has noticed that in 80% of my photos, I had bad cuticles, They're dry and they tear a lot, resulting in a lot of hangnails and a lot of general ugly. If anyone has experience with this, and has any advice beyond standard moisturizing/cuticle oil and cuticle remover gel, I'd love to hear it! 

Onwards to swatches! Be warned: Some of these are newer, some are older, before I started blogging and are chippy/messy etc!

Two coats of Dollish Polish's 'Looking for my Mr. Big', a pretty light purple scattered holo. Formula was smooth, even.

Macro shot of Mr. Big.

 One coat of Nail Venturous 'Pulverized' over Mr. Big' Formula was smooth (for a glitter), very easy to apply and move around.

 I just love glitter 'shards'...

 Macro bottle shot of Pretty & Polished 'Pool Party'. Semi-opaque sky blue jelly with multi-colored, various sizes of hexes and bars.
 Two medium coats, no top coat. Formula was extremely smooth, no pokey glitters. Any use of topcoat is purely for shine, no glitter taming needed.

Bottle shot of Lacquistry's 'Sno-Cone' Pink jelly with light blue, true blue and pink glitters. Lacquistry has this gift of making her jelly bases -glow-, for lack of a better term. 

 One light coat of Sno-Cone over two coats of Essie's 'Muchi Muchi', an opaque baby pink creme. I didn't notice the curly hexes until I'd applied the polish, as you can see with the one glitter on my pinky, these are easy to flip and gently smoosh into your base, making them completely smooth.

 Elixir Lacquer's 'Bad Kitty', I was lucky enough to snag this last time she put it on sale, as I'd missed it the first time. I am -so- grateful she was able to make more. 
(I had a picture of the label, I must have stupidly deleted it when I was going through my photos.)

 Bottle #95!

Three coats of Bad Kitty, no base, naked nail, no top coat. 
This dried super fast, and amazingly smooth.

 Look at that AMAZING blue shimmer!

 Two coats of Rainbow Honey's 'Koi Pond' over two thin coats of OPI 'Brand New Skates'. This was a very chunky glitter, and took a coat of Gelous and a heavy handed coat of Poshe to smooth out, but worth the effort!

Two coats of China Glaze 'Electric Lilac, no base coat, no TC. I did put on a top coat, because the glitter was a smidge sandy feeling, but it smoothed right out.

 Macro of the above mani after a coat of Poshe. I love the transparent AB glitters in this polish, it was everything I wanted Lynnderella's 'Bride of Franken' to be, and then some.

Pure and simple love. Two coats Revlon 'Royal' and two coats of Finger paints 'Twisted'. I don't think it gets any better than this. I'm still working on my camera technique, and the colors are a bit more washed out than they are in real life. I wore this for a record four days before it started to chip and I couldn't bear to disgrace the overall appearance with any more chipping. I got SO many compliments on this.

Macro shot. Again, the colors are a little more concentrated and vivid in real life, but this is still amazing. Also just noticed that smidge of VNL, hmph.

Two coats of China Glaze 'Cyberspace' and one coat of Pretty and Polished 'Sand Art'. I've heard that a lot of ladies got very different bottles of this polish, mine was far less blue than some I've seen.

Holy what! Oh. My. God. Seriously. This is one of the best one-coat-needed glitters EVER, it is so unique in it's usage of matte glitters and regular hexes. It looks exactly like Chelsea's inspiration of the sand art her and her daughters do. 10/10 on application, consistency, ease of use- everything!

Old picture, right after my last chop down. It's hard to believe they were that short! This is one coat of Essie 'Blanc', one coat of Julep 'Melissa' and one amazing coat of Lynnderella's 'The Glittering Crowd'. I'm not on the Lynn-is-a-god bandwagon that some people are, but she does have unique polishes that have a high spot on my polish shelf. Application was easy using the dab technique, but the end result was VERY rough glitters. It took two coats of gelous and a thick coat of Poshe and it was still a little rough, but very much worth it because TGC is like nothing else in the polish world.

I plan on re-doing this mani, because I was taking pictures for my personal use, and this was the only good one.

An old mani I did with a coat of home made hot pink jelly and home made 'Royal Jelly' I made out of Revlon Royal. Over those is a very generous coat of Lynnderella 'Boy Girl Party', and I think it was two coats of Gelous and one coat of Poshe. This wasn't as rough as TGC, but still pretty pokey. I can't photograph jellies well, the color was much more saturated than this.

Close up of the above mani. The complexity of Lynn's glitters are unparalleled...

Nail wheel shot of a home made lilac holo I made to dupe this:

Teeze holo in 'Outta Control', Photo courtesy of, because I don't own this polish. I know the picture of my swatch is odd because of the angle and the light, but I swear these are EXACTLY alike.

Old, chippy skittles mani with various Sally Hansen HD polishes and Dollish Polish
 'Puttin on the Ritzzz'. I loved this mani.

Sad panda mani, and my Physicians Formula PH color changing lip gloss with light up LED applicator. I thought I was super cool when I took this picture, haha!

This is two coats of Candeo Color's 'Orchid'. I love love love LOVED this. Super bright fuchsia jelly with blue, pink and silver glitters. This was one of the best applying glitter polishes I've ever used, simply perfect.

Slightly truer picture of the color of the jelly base of Orchid, and slightly truer picture of my pale Irish skin.

Two coats of Orly 'Purple Crush' (I think this is what it was, this was months ago) and one amazing coat of Nail Venturous 'Floam'.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Three coats of OPI 'Man of La Mancha'. Oh, the heavens did open up the day I found this on eBay for not highway robbery. It is a black label, and boy could you tell, it dried super fast thanks to that Formaldehyde in the formula. The polish is so much more coral than this picture lends on, I absolutely couldn't capture it. The shimmer is so intense's just the perfect polish.

My attempt at a Devils playoff mani with Essie Blanc and Dollish Polish 'Team Salvatore'. I loved the glitters, hated the overall look of the mani, so needless to say this did not remain on more than one game, but we're still doing well so it's okay!

And last but definitely not least the Iron Man mani I did to go see the Avengers today! It's not the neatest one I've done, but it was 1 in the morning when I finished it. Two coats of China Glaze Ruby Slippers, Sally Hansen gold crackle, and the power core is a big dot of Milani 3D and China Glaze 'Liquid Crystal' all outlined with a black SH nail art pen. All but the power core accent nail had a light coat of Essie 'Shine of the Times'. I was exceedingly proud of this, I just wish I'd taken the time to really make it crisper than it is, especially that power core.

Hope you all enjoyed my apologetic swatch post, I promise to post at least once a week, hopefully two or three times.

We're just a few followers away from a blog follower giveaway and a few more than that away from a Facebook 'like' giveaway, so send your friends!