Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm a bad blogger...

I know, I've been on hiatus forever. I'm not going to apologize or anything, but it wasn't supposed to be this long. I'm trying to get a post or two in now because in 2 days I'm celebrating a pretty grim anniversary, and truth be told I'm probably going to be a wreck. I'll share that story with you all tomorrow, because right now it's time for some swatches.

I have some individual swatches planned, but need to bulk up the amount a bit, because I honestly thought I swatched way more than I did. For right now, I have a rainbow glitter comparison. I got KB Shimmer's 'Clown Puke' before I went on vacation, and realized I have a fetish for packed multi-glitters, because I  have like 10 different ones.

For this comparison, I swatched Milani Gems 1.0, Lynnderella's Glittering Crowd, Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic, KB Shimmer Clown Puke and Claire's Bedazzled.

Kleancolor's Afternoon Picnic. Multi metallic hexes in a "clear" base (It looks orange, but comes out crystal clear)

 KB Shimmer Clown Puke. To. Die. For (solo swatch coming soon). Multi shape and color glitters (A lot of golds, red, blue, but also green, orange, pink and purple) suspended in a clear base. The BEST part about this is the white glitters. I don't know what it is, but they make everything else pop. Seriously, probably my #1 multi glitter ever. Ever.
 Claire's Bedazzled. I thought this was going to be another Gems dupe, but it has a lot of smaller blue/green hexes that really set it apart from Gems/Rainbow in the Sky-lie, Rainbow connection etc. I was really impressed by this one.

Milani gems. We've all seen this one, multi colored small and medium hexes in a clear base.

Lynnderella's Glittering Crowd. When I first bought this, I made sure to put two on my wishlist because I never thought I'd find anything like it again. I was glad to be wrong, as demonstrated by this post, but it's what I break out when I'm depressed and just want to stare at my fingers. Hexes, squares, strings, a few errant stars and moons. It's got everything. Mine are heavy on the bright chartreuse glitters, which is alright with me. Also: This mother****er needs like 4 coats of gelous to calm the eff down, so I try not to use it too often. She's a rough one! (Literally, the first night I used it, I slept without the TC on, and it scratched my face...)

 Thumb: Afternoon Picnic. Index: Clown Puke. Middle: Glittering Crowd. Ring: Bedazzled. Pinky: Gems. All one coat, either brushed or dabbed, no base coat, no top coat. I wanted you to see JUST the glitters.

 Afternoon Picnic (and a boat load of bubbles...)

 Clown Puke (Whiteeeeee glitterssss!)

Glittering Crowd



Now for some opinion:

My favorite as far as color scheme goes, hands down, is Clown Puke. It's a multi, but it's DIFFERENT. I could go on and on about it.

My favorite application, oddly enough, was Claire's Bedazzled. One swipe was all I needed. No dabbing, no moving, no wiggling things into place. Sometimes I have time to be anal about placement, sometimes I'm doing my nails in the car (not while driving!) and can't be bothered. This is the polish for those times. Gems is a close second for ease of application.

I love all of these for their own merits, and if my house was on fire, I'd save all of them.

I have a dedicated swatch post of KB Shimmer's Clown Puke and Ice Queen coming up shortly, because I can't show you one nail without promising a full mani. :)


  1. So many pretty glitters. From you swatches, I'm going to say I like the look of Bedazzled best.

    1. And at only $4.50, it was a steal too!