Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Indie Series Part I: Candeo Colors

I've decided to run through all of my indies in their entirety, by brand. Just because someone requested it by name, Candeo Colors was first.

Luckily, I got to Candeo, and their fabulous polishes before they blew up, so I had an easy time of getting all of what I wanted. I even managed to get Dolce, but gave it to a friend. (Though I sort of wish I hadn't, its so pretty and now I can't seem to snag another, haha!) Today I have for you Swoop, Plumage, Sprouse, Divebomb and a few older swatches of Orchid. Let's get to it!
 First up is Divebomb!

Bottle shot of Divebomb. Teal holo, royal blue, brown and a unique coppery gold color hexes in a clear base. Super concentrated glitter, no fishing here! (Except maybe for the larger brown hexes)

 This is one 'brushful' coat over Nicole by OPI Hard-Kourt Fashionista. 

I was wary of this at first because I don't wear brown all that much. The formula of the Nicole polish was to die for. Rich and creamy and level in one coat. I did two just to even out the color in a few small spots. Also...I hate the names of 99% of the Kardashian Kollection (And I hate the frivolous K's)

 Macro shot! Sorry it's a little blurry.

Matte! Those little craters are from where the brown hexes I 'placed' on 
fell off when I put the matte topcoat on, woops!

I was so insanely in love with this. The colors just popped against the brown, and it was so unusual and unexpected. I wish I'd done this one last, because I probably would have left it on. Also featured in this post is my increasingly better cleanup job. Woo!
Next up is Plumage. 

 Bottle shot.

Plumage is another concentrated glitter with seafoam-y squares, royal blue, aqua and green hexes and smaller silver hexes. It's very light and ocean-like.

One 'brushful' coat over Dollish Polish 'Master Chief'. The slight holo shimmer is coming from MC, 
there is no shimmer in Plumage.

Matte. You can really see more of the glitters this way.

I -love- this shot. It doesn't look like a nail...I don't know what it looks like, but isn't it pretty?!

Next is our dearly beloved Sprouse. I'm heartbroken by the loss, but hopefully I'll be able to snag another one.

Bottle shot.

Sprouse is black and white bars, black and white large and small hexes 
and a pop of royal blue hexes. I really like this isn't your run of the mill black and white glitter, I LOVE the addition of the blue.

 Matte, because I accidentally deleted the other shots...

Swatched is one 'brushful' coat over two coats of L'oreal 'Valiant', an amazing silver half-foil. 
It's so concentrated and has a lot of depth, and I didn't want to take away from Sprouse with a color underneath. 

This is a close up shot before the matte topcoat, as you can see there isn't a huge difference,
 so I'm not devastated I accidentally deleted the other shots.

Next up is Swoop!

Bottle shot! This shows the silver more because they sort of stuck to the bottle.

This is FOUR coats of WnW Hannah Pinktana (worst. name. ever.) 
and one 'brushful' coat of Swoop. 

Swoop was a smidge thicker than the others, so it needed a little more spreading. It's a clear base with large silver holo hexes, smaller fucshia and royal hexes, and teeny royal and silver hexes.

I forgot to matte this one, so here's a sort of messy closeup. Hannah Pinktana is really really pretty, but so sheer.

Lastly is Orchid! These are older (obviously) taken closer to the time when I purchased the bottle. Look how far I've come! I can't believe my nails were that short...

This shot is the most representative of the color of Orchid, a really bright, deep fuschia jelly 
with a slight slight shimmer and royal, silver and pink hexes.

I promise I'll redo swatches of Orchid soon, probably at the same time as I swatch my new bottle of Joker when it gets here. I hope you enjoyed my Candeo post, let me know what indie brand you'd like to see next!


  1. You got a bottle of Swoop that doesn't have the curling fuschia glitter? Lucky gal!!

    1. Oh no, they curled :( However, they more...curled evenly, into little dots, so now they look like teeny tiny fuchsia nail gems. I told melinda it was still usable, she still insisted on giving me a replacement bottle which happened to be how I got Jellybean.