Thursday, July 12, 2012

Second post-hiatus post!

let me just say.....


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I freaking love KB Shimmer. Today, tomorrow, next year. These polishes will be among my most treasured for a long long time. Christy, the super amazing woman that brings us these polishes (and soaps, and bath bombs and scrubs and lotions!) is incredibly accommodating, creative and overall AMAZING. I own four of her polishes (Diva, Orange Pop, Ice Queen and Clown Puke) and several of her incredible soaps (Blue Hawaii is one you have to try, her soap samplers are a total bargain.) 

Today, I have for you Clown Puke and Ice Queen.

Clown Puke you saw in my last post, my comparison of rainbow glitters, but I couldn't go without showing it on it's own. It's amazingly complex and the colors are so thought out, it's not just a mish mash of glitter. It's deliberate and unique. The dash of black and white sets everything else off in just the right way.

 Three 'brush-full' coats over a bare nail. Two coats of Poshe.

 Super macro shot, those white glitters do amazing things for me.

 Index finger. You never realize how many bald patches you have until you look at the photos...

 Be still my beating heart...

Clown Puke will remain one of my go to multi glitter polishes for a long time. Each bottle is JAM packed with glitter which means even if I need to thin it, it will last me a long long time.

Next up is Ice Queen. I didn't want to do this on it's own, but wasn't really feeling it over a brighter color. I settled on Color Club 'Revvvolution' which has sat untouched *gasp* for over a year. I am not disappointed.

Fail...I tried to retouch the glitter off my ring finger and now it just looks like a pimple.



Matte Closeup!

I LOVE Ice Queen! I had this on over vacation. I used 3 heavy coats on it's own, and it almost blinded me every time I went outside. There are no chunky peices to slip around, it coats really nicely without any fuss. The holo diamonds are the perfect touch of texture to push it past just holo hexes. 10/10, would polish again.

I really hope to have more from KB Shimmer in the near future, and I will be re-swatching Orange Pop and Diva when my nails grow out a little more!

Visit Christy in all her glory at or her Etsy shop HERE.

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