Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends...

So! On June 13th, 2012, the amazing Dolly from Dollish Polish sent out a message to her followers, asking for help on a problem with her labels. Being a devout fan of her glitters, and a tech junkie, I immediately jumped at the chance to help. Turns out, the new (circular) labels she was using couldn't be edited entirely, but rather only a square in the middle of the label could have text, pictures etc. This presents a problem as far as getting names of polishes centered and pretty, and still having room for the Dolly logo. I kid you not, for around 4 hours we racked our brains trying to find a new template, editing the existing one, ev-ery-thing. At one point, I simply got so frustrated, and decided swearing was the only way to soothe myself. Not wanting to offend one of my favorite polish makers who has been just as frustrated by the situation (And seemingly forgetting she had a XXX line of nail polish, duh!) I ended up using my go to G-rated swear: OH PICKLES! We continued to toil away to no avail (Obviously she fixed it, or came up with an alternative, because her labels on her new bottles look amazing!) and she thanked me for my time. She asked if I wanted anything, I said no, but I'd love if it she could set aside a bottle of 'It's a me, Mario!' and the Zelda duo, because just as a personal moral, I don't like accepting gifts for offering to help, I'd much rather have the chance to give someone a sale. As an offhand, I mentioned if she wanted to make me a custom called "PICKLES!" I'd buy that too!

Turns out, she was feeling extremely generous, and added the custom to my order at no charge. She sent me pictures, and it was exactly what I'd imagined, but either way how cool is that? A custom from one of your favorite indies with a STORY behind it!

Without further adeu, here she is:


'Pickles!' is a fully loaded, clear based glitter polish containing metallic yellow hexes and squares, and some fine yellow metallic 'dust'; also green metallic hexes, squares, 'dust, small holo green hexes and a smattering of larger green holo hexes.

Here she is on the nail, this is two coats over 3 (good lord is it sheer and streaky) coats of Sally Hansen 'Emerald City' a rich, emerald green with a slight shimmer. Pardon the wonky angle, I could not capture those gold glitters unless I was in total shade.

Slightly blurry closeup.

As I was putting this on, I realized it was very very close to 'The Hero of Time' from the Zelda duo. My heart sank as I had the sudden thought I had near dupes on my hands...(heh heh...on my hands, get it?)


After throwing two coats of 'The Hero of Time' onto my thumb, I breathed a sigh of relief. Pickles is more concentrated, where as THoT is meant to be more of an accent than full on glitter coverage. Also, you know, the presence of brown, light green and more overall green in THoT. Pardon the pink glare in the picture, I didn't realize just how neon my neon tank top is.

A side-by-side of Pickles (L) and The Hero of Time (R).

Not even close, silly brain! Either way I would cherish my first Dolly custom for a long long time, and knew I had to share it with you guys! I'll be doing the Zelda duo tomorrow morning if there's sun, it's been kind of overcast all morning.

Thanks for looking guys!

You can buy Dollish Polish on Dolly's Big Cartel store HERE
You can read Dolly's blog HERE (She's one of us!)
And you can visit her Facebook HERE 

She currently restocks whenever she feels like it (IE when she has sufficient stock.), sometimes announcing, sometimes not, but if you have nail polish friends, or are in a group that talks about nail polish odds are someone will say when she restocks. She also almost always has stock of nail art supplies like gems, fimo canes and nail files.

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