Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holy @#$! I FIXED IT!!!!!

Remember THIS?!

BLECH! Keep in mind, this was darker than the picture leads on. 
Without a flash you could barely see the color of most of the glitter.

This was one of my Lacquistry customs, The Kitchen Sink. When she sent me swatches, it looked like this:

 Pretty! Colorful! Awesome!

When I received it, my heart dropped, and she promised to fix it right away. I wasn't expecting her to because it wasn't completely unusable, but she said since she'd used some tester glitters, she'd make me a new one.

As a few of you may know because you ordered some, Jenna recently spent her time filling orders for customs. She's posted beautiful pictures of what she's made for people, including my new one 'Blue Morpho'. I waited patiently for swatches of my new Kitchen Sink, but I think I'm content to wait till it comes in the mail.

So ANYWAYS! Tonight, I was in the middle of reorganizing my stash wall (for like the third night), and I came to my purple grapey bottle of Kitchen Sink. I was so depressed that Jenna spent the time making it, and it was all for naught. There had to be something I could do....right?

I got to work with *GASP* acetone and polish thinner. After 2 hours of tirelessly shaking, dumping, rinsing. I finally did it.

I cleaned the entire bottle of glitter.

I gingerly scraped it all from the empty polish thinner bottle I used to shake shake shake all the grapey base away. 

This is about 1/6 of the glitter that was left at the 
bottom of the thinner bottle. SO much glitter!!

I even scraped some off my vanity:

This is uglier than it really was. You can barely see the bazillions of colors 
she used, it's all icky and stuck together.

I also found this completely ridiculous glitter:

 How on earth would I ever get that on a brush?! LOL!

Anyways...after that whole two hours of work...this is what we've got. It's not perfect, the base is still a little mucky but I can use it! I am absolutely stunned that using pure acetone didn't curl or bleach the glitters in any way, I'm just left with more silver glitters than her test swatch because those were probably what bled in the first place.

Jenna, this is for you darling! Your work wasn't for nothing!

 YAY! It's clean and colorful and pretty again!

I'll get some better swatches of this in the morning. I plan on letting the bottle sit overnight, siphoning off the icky brownish base that I couldn't completely rinse away, and replacing it with crystal clean base. I am beyond excited right now. 

Goodnight everyone, thanks for reading!

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  1. YAY!! I'm still waiting for my customs. I LOVE me some Lacquistry, but I think you may be an even bigger fan to go through what you did! ;-)