Sunday, May 20, 2012

And now, a fun little something from The Holographic Hussy

I have a Facebook friend, Claudia who posts AMAZING swatches like, every single day. She is the only person whose Facebook I go out of my way to visit every evening to catch up on what she's swatched. The polish goddesses blessed her, and she's finally using her talent for the greater good (so we can all look at her nail porn) and she started a blog!

The other day I was sort of down, and was staring at my bottle of Lynnderella 'Shape Shifter'. There were so many colors and shapes and crazy awesomeness that if you stared too long, your eyes would cross.

Just look at it....

Anywho! I had this bottle of heavenly glitter, and my brain just grinded to a halt. What the heck do I do with it? Over black? Over holo? (a la that amazing picture on Llarowe's website from Sparkly Vernis) Over a bright color? Matte? Gradient, light coating or full coverage? Sometimes, you just can't be bothered to think that much, or sometimes much like a malfunctioning boomerang, it just isn't coming to you.

This is where Claudia comes in.

I sent her a Facebook message, telling her I was feeling crummy, and I needed some inspiration from her fabulous fingers. She wrote me back saying she'd come up with something to blow my mind, and I didn't doubt her at all.


Super awesome Lynn glitter gradient over Illamasqua Stance.

Head over to her blog to see the full post, follow her and send her some love. She has more followers than me right now, so I'm sure none of you need to be told, but if you haven't seen her blog yet, you'll soon be addicted to her swatches just like I am!

I'm off to do one last scrub to The Kitchen Sink (haha...get it?) and I'll be putting up some swatches! I just wanted to give you something to oogle in the meantime.

We are 3 2! blog followers, and 6 Facebook followers away from TWO giveaways! Tell your friends!

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