Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swap Haul 2 of 2 *even MORE confetti!* (KB Shimmer swatches below!)

Next up is my swap with the lovely Jamie T, who will go down in history as the greatest swap buddy ever. She started out as my late night facebook buddy and turned into an awesome all the time friend. She's getting ready to start classes to become an Esthetician and she's going to be the best one ever! She took like 2 weeks to put this box together, which I didn't mind, but WOW did it show! Onward to pictures!

A picture of the entire box (I think...there was so much!)

Contents are as follows:
(Not including Harlie feet, she wouldn't leave the pile alone!)
  • Two Clinique Makeup bags, and one Clinique brush bag, not pictured because its now my mom's 'borrow' bag for taking home polish from my stash.
  • The three pots hold two different GORGEOUS gold mica shimmer powders and a jar of silver 'caviar' manicure beads.
  • A bottle of Maybellene 'Cool Couture'
  • KB Shimmer 'Orange Pop'
  • KB Shimmer 'Diva'
  • Sally Hansen 'Purple Pizzazz'
  • L'oreal 'Valiant'
  • Gum and M&M's YAY!
  • Blue and White Gold colored nail foils, and glue for application
  • Eos lip balm in Honeydew (I think)
  • Clinique gel eyeliner, blush, foaming cleanser.
  • Lancome "Super Enhancing Mascara Base'
  • Sample of Elizabeth Arden 'Pretty' perfume
  • Clarisonic refreshing gel cleanser
  • Not pictured is TONS of coupons for $2 Essie polish at Wegmans, and tons of other coupon goodies. What a fun swap idea!
Words cant describe the sheer awe I was in as I dismantled her box. Everything was wrapped carefully and tucked inside one of the bags, or snugly against other items. I've never owned Clinique makeup, so I'm super excited about them! The blush is the perfect shimmery peach color for my pale skin, and the eyeliner is a honey flecked brown, which goes with my eyes. Also, that bottle of Cool Couture is a big deal in itself. I got my first bottle when that hurricane rolled around last year, I actually went out during the beginning of the storm to get it after reading another bloggers post on this blue-shimmering grey. I needed a backup, but by the time I went back, the entire LE collection was sold out. Jamie had no idea of that story, and she magically found one and sent it to me. I LOVE YOU JAMIE! Now for some pictures!

Bottle shot of Cool Couture. See that blue shimmer! To DIE for!

Two thick coats on a semi-opaque nail wheel. I am so in love.

Bottle shot of KB Shimmer 'Orange Pop'

Close up of the larger hexes, silver, some silver holo and some pink. 
Also mixed in are some smaller multi-colored square glitters.

Look. How. Squishy.

 Seriously. Sorry for the naked free edges, I was in such a stupid rush 
to get this on my tips it wasn't funny. This was one of my biggest lemmings. 

Pictured is Base: Sally Hansen Nail Quencher, followed by three generous coats of crazy orange jelly goodness, one coat of Gelous and one good coat of Poshe QDTC. This is so much brighter in person, it's literally a neon orange jelly. Application was amazing, the TC was just to add shine, it was completely smooth on it's own. 

KB Shimmer 'Diva'

Bottom of the bottle. Filled with different size silver holo hexes. This is a little more blue than it actually is.

Diva is a deep purple jelly, absolutely packed with different sizes of silver holo hexes. 
Again, sorry for not wrapping the tips.

Bad angled shot, mediocre cleanup job. I'm still getting the hang of cleaning up these glitters, every time I scrub some away, there's more left behind.

All in all, this is like...the best swap ever. There was so much thought put into it, and Jamie obviously has amazing intuition because most of this she guessed I would like. I love EVERYTHING she sent. Thank you Jamie, my love. This was incredibly fun!

Speaking of swaps, I plan on getting my stash/lemming/swap list up soon, so if anyone wants to organize a swap group or birthday club or something, please let me know!

Now I've got work in the morning for the first time in a week and a half, finally time to go back after a long vacation with my niece. I'll try to keep posting regularly of some of the more fun polishes I have, haul posts and coming soon 'Pool Party' from Pretty & Polished. Can't wait for that one! 

Thanks again for reading ladies, we're at 31 followers and I plan on doing a giveaway at 50, so tell your friends!


  1. woo hoo! roll on to 50 followers! I'm on that train myself, at 33.
    You got so many goodies. Cool Couture is stunning! Is that considered an HTF? or is it part of their core line?