Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

Just a short little post, as my mom hasn't come over yet to start cooking and its just me, my gorgeous niece and the cats. Just wanted to quickly thank everyone that'd left comments and read my last few posts. I really lost the motivation to do this for a while, because I felt like my little blog would just get lost in the sea of big fish. This is incorrect for two reasons: 1) I realized I don't blog for the sake of others, I blog for me because its satisfying to document a hobby. If others like to join in on my fun, then great! I don't need 3000 followers to consider my little experiment a success. and 2) Just because I'm a minnow in the great big ocean of nail polish blogs (clearly!) doesn't mean I won't get any readers!

I've had more traffic in the last 24 hours than I thought I would for months. Over 300 unique page views including some from England, Australia, Brazil and a country in the Middle East (The map on blogger is tiny, and I happen to be really awful at Geography, will make a note to ask History Major boyfriend!) And I'd like to thank you all!

Just a little update on upcoming swatch posts!

  • Nail Venturous - (Removing her matte glitters are a little difficult, so I have to set aside a day for anything that includes Humble Bee or Floam.) I do have some fun glitters from her though, so they may come first!
  • Dollish Polish - I FINALLY managed to get Welcome to Rapture and the Cake is a Lie. I also was one of the luckier ducks during her last opening to get all three of the new colors I wanted: Master Chief, Gym Tan Laundry and Looking for my Mr. Big. YAY! These are in transit as I write this post, with a due date of TOMORROW!!! 
  • Lacquistry - I have made a proposal to Jenna about my replacement for Kitchen Sink, I hope she accepts because I think she's the only one that can do it! I also have Sno Cone, A Friggin Circus and Lake Placid on Acid to swatch for you guys, yay!
  • Candeo- I have several Candeos, including swatches from South Street which I will share from the lovely Michelle over at Things I Love at the Moment (I gifted her my bottle, so hopefully she'll let me share her swatch post when she does it!)
  • Rainbow Honey- Oh my gosh! I managed to snag Koi Pond! I am so in love with the colors in this glitter polish, it has ORANGE! You don't really see orange that much! And it really does look like the colors in a Japanese koi pond. I'm already pondering undies for it, I'm so excited!!!

I plan on a little giveaway at some point, I'm not sure what I'm going to base it on, followers or post number or likes on facebook, I just have no idea! What would you guys like to see in a giveaway. I have an extra bottle of something REALLY POPULAR from Nail Venturous that I think might make it into a giveaway, but I'd love your thoughts as well!

Happy Easter my lovelies, I hope you spend lots of quality time eating lots of ham with your families today; if you don't observe the holiday, then you can spend the afternoon reading nail polish blogs. I'm honestly not sure which one is a better way to spend the day.

Also: Here's the Facebook page to go with the blog: Glitter Jitters Facebook! Go ahead and like me or you know..whatever. :)

Stay Glittery Ladies!

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  1. Oh Sweet! You made a FB page! And of course you can use my pics or post or whatever from South Street!