Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The moment when you dupe a LEGEND...

So...I quickly got over the excitement of duping Toxic Avenger, not sure why, it just wasn't that big a deal to me. Exciting, yes. Earth shaking, no. The following, is my earth shattering revelation that I have 99.9% duped not only a rockstar in our polish world, but a LEGEND.

I was toying around with a swap from Michelle over at 'Things I Love at the Moment' (post coming later, I started yesterday, then ended up recovering from heat stroke.) who sent me a bottle of the AMAZING 'Fantasy Fire' I thought for a moment, after putting it over a black creme and Revlon 'Royal', knowing that I'd seen that color shift somewhere before. I dug around in my franken box, and pulled out something I made a little less than a year ago. Slapped it over the same colors and damn near fainted. I painted one nail with the same black creme I'd put under Fantasy Fire, then painted half with FF and half with my franken. 


I knew I could cut it over other colors, duping just the shimmer, but it wasn't enough. I got to work on the base as well. Ladies, I think I nailed it. Granted, they're two separate bottles because I don't have any more of the pigments I used to make the color shift franken. So I now have a bottle of Fantasy, and a bottle of Fire topcoat. Wanna see?

Two of these are FOUR coats of FF, one of these is two thick coats of my Fantasy, and two coats of my Fire topcoat.

Sorry these are crummy, there is ZERO sun here, so this is under nightmarish light and a yellowish shade. Ugh.

Same three nails, different angle. I can't seem to capture the shimmer here, but like I said, TWO nails are FF.

Single nail, best shot of the shimmer, I won't tell you which one this is, because that wouldn't be as fun.

Better picture of the shimmer, obviously, because it's over black. HOWEVER: Half of this nail is FF, the other half is my 'Fire' topcoat? can you tell the difference?

I am just so stunned right now. I will never give up my bottle of Fantasy Fire because 1) it was a gift and 2) I don't have many EXTREMELY HTF polishes, so it's a little fun. Maybe I'll wear it on my wedding day. :D

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as me! I'll be posting my swap hauls from Michelle and my fabulous nail polish BFF Jamie T. tomorrow! Before I go, one last thing!

(EDIT: Added a picture of the half-and-half over black nail)



  1. And then, one of the most HTG polish dupes was born.....PURE UNADULTERATED AWESOMENESS!!!!!