Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taking my first steps.

\ˈgli-tər\, noun : small glittering objects used for ornamentation
\ˈji-tər\, int. verb: To make small quick jumpy movements.

As described to a fellow Blogger, Michelle Lazo Rouhier over at the awesome Things I Love at the Moment, The Glitter Jitters are what happens when you see Scrangie posts that new Deborah Lippman or China Glaze collection, or when you see pictures from a trade show that show next seasons collection that you need to see swatched RIGHT. THIS. SECOND. That weird nervous feeling that you need to get to the respective website faster than anyone else to buy your bottle, and your backup before it sells out.

For me, the Glitter Jitters first happened a few years ago when I worked at a fabric/craft store, and a customer of mine came in with what I found out what Deborah Lippmans 'Happy Birthday'. It was all downhill from there. I justified it by saying if I bought my own nail polish, I wouldn't have to pay for manicures, and now my stash is over 300 strong.

I hope to add something new to this vast land of like-minded bloggers doing the same thing as me: swatches, honest reviews and industry news. I really like indie polish makers right now, and I like supporting them. It's so much easier to give your feedback to a one woman operation and know they'll listen, than try sending a letter to Humungo Cosmetics Company X that their application is streaky and awful and needs to be remedied. I plan on offering a lot. Indie exploration, tried and true favorite brands, frankens, drug store brands and random tinkering and layering. Please bear with me while I work out the kinks in the system and find my flow. If you have any advice or feedback, feel free to let me know!

I'm not ready to swatch just yet, but in the coming few days and weeks I have some really fun things from Dollish Polish (including my custom comic book lacquers she's doing for me!), Cover Band Lacquers (from,LynBDesigns and Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile.

Please subscribe and visit every so often, the support will be awesome when trying something this new.

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