Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That moment when you realize you accidentally duped a rock star...

So, instead of actual swatches for my first post, I want to share a lovely little accident. Before I do, let me mention this is a dupe of a hugely popular shade, Toxic Avenger from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Dollish Polish. This was made WEEKS ago, as something fun for my mom to wear, I had no idea what I'd stumbled on. I have no intention on selling this because well, I don't know Dollish personally, but I do respect her work, and rabidly bought 6 bottles as soon as I discovered her shop. These photos aren't great because my REAL camera is uncooperative (I think I need to have the sensor and/or lens cleaned) but they're the best I could do. I also intended to slap these on Facebook to share with one friend, not to show off to everyone, but here they are anyways! I've dubbed this franken "Oops..." because if it's on the internet, it needs a name right? Here goes!

 This is a shot in bright direct sun. Pardon the splodge on the bottom, I made a dodgy repair.

 Front and center under an ott-light.

 A bit of twisty hand acrobatics to try and catch the colors. Failed attempt.

 Left is two thin coats of 'Oops...' over a semi-opaque nail wheel, sorry for that awful light shining through. Right is one thin coat over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

 Side by side shot, again two coats of "Oops" alone, and one over black.
 Blurred holo shot (That mess in the backround is my stash that I'm sorting through...)
 Angled shot, I think this is the best shot of the holo without using water.
 From the bottom, I'm more impressed with the black here.
 I'd never done a water shot before, this was to see the difference. Bad angle however
 Fully submerged, hooray for water rainbows! Also smudged black from the last photo, I didn't realize I caught it that way until I looked at my pictures.

 Bottle shot.

 Removal shot to compare my franken to another blogger who showed a removal shot of Toxic Avenger. 

 This is a random one. After a stroke of acetone this is what the polish looked like. This isn't light play, that's what it looked like in any light. Cool huh?

And to close out the fun, this is my dearest furry love, Harlie, with some stuffed Peeps Bunnies. She started gnawing on the yellow one not seconds later.

Thanks for reading my first real post. Let me give my nails a few more days to grow out, and nurse what I hope doesn't end up being a tear, and I'll start swatching for real. Hopefully my Dollish Polish haul will be here in time because I'd love to do those first. If not, I have a treat from Lyn B Designs (Also on Etsy.) Stay Sparkly!


  1. Just found your blog! Beautiful holo franken! But OMG 6 bottles of TA? Would you want to part with one?

  2. Oh wow!! This is so gorgeous!! I am stunned and amazed at this "oops" What a wonderful surprise for you!

  3. It was an amazing surprise! I need to get a few little things in order before I can make any more of this. I made one full size bottle and gave it to an amazing friend of mine. I don't want to sell it but I would love to swap for them. I'll post something here when my ducks are all in order if you guys are interested. Thanks for looking at the blog!

  4. Jen: Not 6 bottles of TA, I don't own a single one of those. I meant 6 bottles of her other colors. Sorry for the confusion, I'd be miffed at myself if I hoarded that many of such a coveted color.